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TMX-2200 200G Muxponder and Transponder

Transport 100G services over DWDM at a fraction of the cost

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OMS Optical Networking Platform

An ideal solution for your optical network

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Optelian provides Optical Networking Equipment to deliver next-generation services.

Our modular FLEX Architecture solutions deliver services from access to long-haul, passive to packet, and 100M to 100G+.


Service Providers

For network operators and service providers, fiber is precious and budgets are constrained. Optelian offers a complete portfolio of customized products and solutions.


The Optelian FLEX Architecture offers a complete service aggregation and transport solution that is ideally suited for mobile backhaul applications.


Optelian offers streamlined, Smart Grid network infrastructure for electric power generation, transportation, and distribution providers.

Research & Education

The Optelian FLEX Architecture provides the tools for addressing key challenges faced by research & education organizations with major scientific initiatives.

Data Center & Cloud

Data Centers are at the heart of the cloud. They require reliable, high-bandwidth connections that offer low latency and flexible networking capabilities.


Data Center Interconnect

Optelian provides optical networking solutions that are completely transparent to routers and switches, allowing them to interoperate with each other as though they were directly connected with no underlying transport network.

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Private Line Wavelength Services

Optelian’s solutions for private line wavelength services provide a true “wired” connection that is independent of the protocol being transmitted.

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Access and Aggregation Networks

Optelian’s passive optical filter portfolio provides a comprehensive tool set for getting the most out of an optical access and aggregation network.

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Enterprise Private Optical Networks

The improved availability of dark fiber plus lower costs and increased simplicity of optical networking equipment allows enterprises to now build and operate their own private optical networks. Optelian provides all the tools necessary, from equipment to network design services, to realize a state-of-the-art private optical network.

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Fiber Relief and Network Overlays

As new networking equipment is added to networks using 1310 nm wavelengths, there is often a need to provide more capacity over the same physical fiber, without upsetting existing services and equipment. Optelian’s approach to combine muxponding and optical filtering can increase the capacity of an existing physical fiber by a factor of 1000 or more.

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Extended Temperature Range

Optelian provides a complete extended temperature range (ETR) solution for all types of networking equipment, allowing more flexibility on how and where equipment is deployed, without mandating the need for expensive HVAC systems.

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Agile Design Team

Optelian’s agile design team in North America partners with strategic design firms to bring quality by design.

Strong Partnerships

Optelian is partnered with a major electronics services manufacturer (EMS) with facilities world-wide, and able to meet any volume demand.

World-Class Customer Support

Our professional services combined with world-class customer support ensure your solution is optimally deployed.

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