Research and Education

Network solutions for effective collaboration

Collaboration between global research institutions has become common place with large amounts of data from major scientific initiatives being shared on a scale rarely seen in the past. Access to global high capacity backbone networks has made information sharing easier and faster with connectivity at 10G and 100G being increasingly required by educational institutions, government facilities and healthcare providers.


Institutional and regional network access into national research and education backbone networks

High capacity throughput required for cloud computing/data center applications

Highly dynamic nature of connectivity

The Optelian FLEX Architecture provides the tools for addressing the key challenges faced by research & education organizations. Aggregation of data rates using the FLX-1610 Multi-protocol Flexible Networking Card and MPX-9103 Extended Temperature 100G OTN Muxponder Platform optimizes fiber usage.

ROADM network elements reduce the complexity of planning, provisioning, maintenance and growth. Bandwidth can be enabled on demand without long term forecasts to add locations as new relationships are developed.

For longer distances between locations, Optical Fiber Amplifiers and Dispersion Compensation Modules deliver optimized reach extension.

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Optelian’s modular FLEX Architecture solutions deliver services from access to long-haul, passive to packet, and 100M to 100G+.

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