Service Providers

Efficient delivery of business and residential services

For network operators and service providers, fiber is precious and budgets are constrained. The standard currency in today’s DWDM networks is 10 Gb/s for aggregation of lower rate services or for private line connectivity; existing 40-channel DWDM network infrastructure deployments may be approaching their limits, forcing expensive upgrades or overbuilds. More capacity is clearly needed, but the cost of replacing an entire network is usually out of the question.


Limited fiber capacity on critical routes, where laying new fiber is expensive and time-consuming

Outdated infrastructure can no longer keep up with growing demand for flexible, high bandwidth services

Optelian offers a complete portfolio of products and solutions to address the needs of Service Providers. FLEXManager provides the ability to quickly commission the entire network from an intuitive management platform. Optical networking service cards can be selected to meet network requirements from access to core, passive to packet, and 100M to 100G. All delivered in a compact, lower power platform that delivers the capacity and flexibility of a ROADM-based DWDM solution. Optelian Professional Services helps you design the optimal network to ensure that projects are implemented on time and operate flawlessly.

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Optelian’s modular FLEX Architecture solutions deliver services from access to long-haul, passive to packet, and 100M to 100G+.

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