Address explosive growth in voice and data backhaul from cellular base stations

Mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, are proliferating at an amazing rate, offering increased cellular connectivity speeds and data-intensive functionality. Smartphones have actually outsold computers since 2012, driven by decreasing price points and an increase in consumer appetite for web browsing, watching videos and using apps while on the go. While improved graphics and faster processors enhance the experience, the deployment of high speed cellular networks has been the critical enabler for the phenomenal rise in popularity of these devices. However, this requires a significant infrastructure to be put in place in a relatively short period of time to accommodate the rapidly growing number of users on these high speed networks.


Keeping up with exponentially increasing demand in a highly competitive environment

Providing the demanded services on a network that is fast enough while still being financially viable

Backhaul of voice and data traffic from cell towers to core networks must keep up with next generation cellular networks

More and more devices are being connected to cellular networks, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, point-of-sale devices, and more

The Optelian FLEX Architecture offers a complete service aggregation and transport solution that is ideally suited for mobile backhaul applications. Built on a compact, low-power platform that is hardened for outside plant environments, it delivers the capacity and reach necessary to connect large or small networks of cellular base stations. Whether that means aggregating lower rate streams onto 10G or 100G, over CWDM or DWDM, in a ring, point-to-point or mesh network, the FLEX Architecture can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. And with FLEXManager, commissioning and managing your entire network is performed via a single, intuitive interface.

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Optelian’s modular FLEX Architecture solutions deliver services from access to long-haul, passive to packet, and 100M to 100G+.

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