MPX 100G

The 100G MPX Series provides efficient multi-protocol 100G muxponding or transponding in a self-contained, compact 1RU platform.

With support for both a CFP pluggable or integrated line interface, options are available for short and mid-reach 100G interfaces, as well as fully-tunable coherent on a single wavelength, allowing for optically amplified reaches in excess of 2000 km without the need for dispersion compensation.


Extended Temperature 100G OTN Muxponder Platform

Optelian’s MPX-9103 is a multi-protocol, Layer 1 aggregation and transport solution for extended temperature range applications. With its ability to accommodate all types of SFP+ client optics and CFP uplink optics, it is an ideal solution for high-bandwidth 4G/5G in outdoor environments. It provides full client- and line-side performance monitoring for service demarcation, fault localization, and SLA assurance.


Flexible 100G Networking Platform

Optelian’s MPX-9110 platform provides comprehensive capabilities to dramatically boost network capacity while reducing cost per bit. Configurable as either a muxponder or transponder, the MPX-9110 can aggregate and transport any mix of 10 Gb/s, 40 Gb/s, and 100 Gb/s services over a 100 Gb/s OTN DWDM wavelength.

Pluggable Transceivers

Optelian offers a full range of pluggable transceivers:

  • 850/1310/1550 nm Grey, CWDM, DWDM, Fully Tunable
  • C-Temp and I-Temp
  • Short Reach to Extended Reach
  • Bi-directional

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Optelian’s modular FLEX Architecture solutions deliver services from access to long-haul, passive to packet, and 100M to 100G+.

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